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Our projects showcase our expertise in creating tailored safety solutions that enhance workplace efficiency and security. Explore our portfolio to see how we've partnered with clients to implement innovative safety measures that prioritise protection and productivity.


Aniketos took on the task of installing one of New Zealand's earliest Boplan systems at Move Logistics. The decision was made to incorporate Boplan's PVP Flex Impact Modular Barrier system, alongside their highly resilient pallet stop and Impact Bollards. Given the high traffic flow of material handling equipment (MHE) in the warehouse, ensuring reliable walkway solutions for staff was paramount. Additionally, protection for roller doors throughout the site was provided, along with removable bollards for electrical mains boards exposed to MHE on-site.

This thoughtful design allowed the bollards to be installed closer to the mains boards, facilitating easier access to the area while adhering to electricians' regulations. Notably, the bollards could be temporarily removed during electrical work. Despite the complexities involved, the installation was completed within the allocated timeframe, causing minimal disruption to the client's daily operations.

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