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Aniketos is your one-stop destination for a comprehensive range of top-quality products designed to enhance safety, security, and efficiency across various domains. Our extensive product line includes state-of-the-art barriers and gates, providing robust access control solutions to safeguard your premises. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge bollards that serve as reliable protective barriers, ensuring the utmost security for your spaces. With a focus on intelligent traffic management, Aniketos brings innovative solutions to streamline movement and prevent congestion.


Partnering with industry leader Boplan, we deliver unparalleled safety solutions, including flexible barriers and resilient guardrails that absorb impact energy, minimising damage and maximising protection. Aniketos is committed to promoting a culture of safety, evident in our health and safety signage that adheres to the highest standards. These signs not only communicate crucial information but also contribute to creating a secure environment for all.


In addition to safety-focused products, Aniketos offers versatile shelving solutions to optimise storage and organization. Whether you are looking to enhance workplace safety, manage traffic flow, or maximise storage efficiency, Aniketos provides a diverse range of products that prioritise quality, innovation, and reliability.




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