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Industrial Storage



This platform trolley is an ideal choice for everyday warehouse tasks, effortlessly transporting boxes and large items. Its flat deck provides ease in loading and unloading, offering both ergonomic and efficient advantages.

  • Delivery: Assembled

  • Heavy-duty single-platform trolley

  • Powder-coated steel framework

  • Chipboard wooden deck and back

  • 1-year warranty

  • 2 Swivel Castors 2 fixed castors

  • 5" precision bearing rubber castors

Model #40821081

Tray Dimensions         550mm W x 950mm L

Tray Height                  210mm H

Material                       Chipboard

Wheel Type                 5” Rubber

Capacity                      300kgs


Dexters Heavy Duty Order Picking Trolley - New Zealand's favourite order picking trolley - since 1998

Dexters introduced the Heavy Duty Order Picking Trolley in 1998, and since then, it has become an essential item in warehouses for transporting items of all sizes. With its straightforward design, this trolley blends practicality and durability in any work environment. Manufactured by Dexters with first-class quality, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Heavy Duty Order Picking Trolley combines durability, functionality, and convenience. Featuring solid steel construction, two shelves, and industrial-grade castor wheels, it guarantees reliable performance, and the recessed shelves prevent potential slippage. Designed for handling heavy loads, this trolley is the practical choice for order-picking tasks across various settings, facilitating the efficient movement of items while maintaining safety and ease of use.


Fitted with 5" precision bearing rubber castors, this trolley effortlessly glides across various surfaces, navigating narrow aisles and tight spaces. The ergonomic 'vertical' handles are designed for a natural hand position, minimising strain, and discomfort during extended usage.

Model #40821083

Tray Dimensions          550mm W x 950mm L

Top Tray Height           860mm H

Castors 125mm           125mm Rubber

Capacity                       350KG UDL

  • Delivery: Assembled

  • 5 Year warranty

  • Shipping for 40821083: 0.65 SQ/M

  • Shipping for 40821084: 1.00 SQ/M

  • Ideal for high-frequency order-picking applications

  • Welded steel construction

  • Powder coated finish

  • 5″ precision bearing rubber castors

  • Ergonomic ‘vertical’ handles, mean your hands aren’t twisted


This pallet truck is the most efficient solution for shifting pallets over short to medium distances, especially in tight spaces. Its operation involves raising pallets by pumping the handle and lowering them effortlessly with a trigger conveniently located on the handle. Built to handle the demands of everyday rigorous work environments, these pallet trucks are rated for a substantial 2500kg load capacity.

Featuring forks measuring 1150L by 520W, the standard size ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of pallets commonly used in the industry. The design of the forks facilitates smooth sliding under pallets, allowing for efficient lifting and secure transportation.

Operating the pallet truck is a breeze with a simple pump of the handle for effortless pallet elevation and a trigger for easy lowering, minimising strain on operators and ensuring the efficient handling of goods.

The Standard Pallet Truck, with its sturdy and efficient design, serves as an essential material handling tool for heavy loads in various industrial settings. Its durable construction, hydraulic lifting system, manoeuvrability, and safety features make it indispensable for moving palletized goods with efficiency, improving productivity, and ensuring workplace safety. This equipment is essential in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities where the quick and efficient movement of palletized goods is essential.

  • Delivery: Assembled

  • 1 Year warranty

  • Simple design

  • General pallet truck for everyday use

  • Hard-wearing nylon wheels

  • Chrome piston and ram for smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump & seal

  • Not designed for Chep pallets

  • Only 10 strokes to full height

Model #53441004

Capacity                         2500KGS

Fork Length                   1150mm

Overall Width                520mm

Max Fork Height           185mm

Min Fork Height            75mm


This medium-duty hand truck is an ideal choice for logistic companies, courier drivers, retail stores, and general-purpose use. Coated with anti-rust Hammerite coating, it forms a robust barrier, resisting knocks and scrapes, ensuring a long-lasting finish. Equipped with 260mm wheels that move smoothly across surfaces and are puncture-proof, ensuring they never go flat. With its simple yet efficient design, this hand truck stands out as a perfect choice, offering both efficiency and durability.

Model #5959

  • Delivered assembled

  • Anti-rust Hammerite coating

  • 260mm Puncture-proof wheels

  • Ideal for logistic companies, courier drivers, retail stores, general purpose and more


Dexter's road cones are specifically designed for road and highway use, with a vibrant orange hue that ensures high visibility for drivers. With an exceptionally robust construction, these cones are tailored for everyday rigorous use. Beyond traditional road applications, they can be used for guiding temporary traffic and pedestrian queues. Explore our range of road cone accessories, including separately sold barrier bars, to enhance their functionality in various situations. Road cone accessories such as barrier bars are sold separately.

  • 1 Year warranty

  • Specifically designed for use in highway applications

  • High-quality colourfast orange PVC

  • Twin high-intensity reflective tape collars compliant with NZTA specifications

  • High visibility PVC traffic cones

  • Height: 900mm

Model #43421005

Height          900mm

Colour          Orange

Weight         5KGS


Crafted from durable ABS plastic, these versatile accessories are designed to seamlessly fit over both traffic cones and portable bollards. With an adjustable length ranging from 1300mm to 2500mm, they provide flexibility for various situations. Available in a combination of black and safety yellow stripes, these are perfect for emergency or temporary use, offering a practical solution with visual prominence.

Model #54631003

(Please note: cones are sold separately)

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