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At Aniketos, our pallet racking audits team strictly adheres to the updated standards, replacing the previous AS4084:2012, with the new AS4084.1:2023 for design, and AS4084.2:2023 for operational and maintenance aspects. Notable changes include mandatory annual audits by external providers to be conducted every 12 months.

During on-site engagements, we actively collaborate with team leaders and supervisors, emphasising key tips to enhance workplace culture around racking safety and maintenance reporting. The importance of annual racking audits cannot be overstated as damage can occur unexpectedly.

We advocate for prompt reporting of accidental damage, creating a safe space for employees fearing disciplinary action. Choosing not to report isn't an accident, it's a choice that may jeopardise a colleagues' health and safety. We extend this responsibility to all staff, regardless of position or tenure.

A supervisor should have a copy of previous audits and damage reports, to assess if issues are already addressed or are new, ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures. When in doubt, don't hesitate to contact your nearest racking specialist for expert advice.

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